Study Space Ideas

Are you looking for some good study space ideas? Do you know how to create a study space that will help your learning? In this article I will discuss some tips to help you create a better study space that is more conducive to learning. Primarily, you can accomplish this by eliminating distractions from your study space. Distraction #1: Internet When you get bored or the work gets hard, do you start checking your favorite social media site? Do you prefer Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit over boring tasks? Who doesn't. When I grade exams, which I hate to do, I go and find...

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10 Exam Day Tips

Don't panic sign for exam day tips post

Looking for exam day tips? It’s the end of the semester and most of you are preparing for final exams. DON’T PANIC! By following these 10 exam day tips you can improve your grades. The principle behind these exam day tips is simple: calm students outperform nervous and tired students every single time. Let me tell you about John (name has been changed), one of my friends at the elite law school we attended. John is very intelligent but he had one problem: he got overly nervous before exams. On the first morning of the bar exam I noticed that he...

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How the Brain Benefits from Exercise

Brain benefits from exercise as woman exercises a brain by her leg

Recent studies indicate that the brain benefits from exercise. We all know we need to exercise!  And we all know that there are physical health benefits from exercising. But did you know that exercise will help you in the classroom and while studying, as well? While reading Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, written by Harvard professor John Ratey, M.D., I discovered that modern science is confirming what the ancients understood thousands of years ago. Dr. Ratey begins by quoting from Plato’s Republic: In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means,...

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Overcome Mental Roadblocks When You Can’t Study Any Longer

Frustrated woman mental roadblock

We’ve all reached that point where we just can’t study any longer because we have been studying too long.  Some people just keep reading, even though their brain stopped working hours before.  What you need is a mental reboot, so just stop and go do something else for a couple of hours.  Make sure that whatever you do is completely unrelated to what you’ve been studying....

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