Study Space Ideas

Study Space Ideas

Are you looking for some good study space ideas? Do you know how to create a study space that will help your learning? In this article I will discuss some tips to help you create a better study space that is more conducive to learning. Primarily, you can accomplish this by eliminating distractions from your study space.

Distraction #1: Internet

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When you get bored or the work gets hard, do you start checking your favorite social media site? Do you prefer Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit over boring tasks? Who doesn’t. When I grade exams, which I hate to do, I go and find a quiet spot in the library.  One great study space idea is to find a space without the Internet or your smartphone. Maybe you can leave your phone in another room, so you aren’t tempted. If you need your phone, there are apps that you can use to shut off Internet access for a set amount of time. Shut is off for 15 minutes to begin with, and then turn it off for longer periods of time. You might also find the Pomodoro technique useful in fighting an Internet addiction.


Distraction #2: Environment

For most people, the best temperature to study at is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 degrees Celsius. A few degrees colder or warmer, and you won’t study as well.  In addition to temperature you need to think about the lighting in your study space.  Ideally, natural light is best, but if you are studying at night or in a room without a window, get bulbs that mimic natural night. This means avoiding yellow lights, which mimic candle light.  You want a bulb in the 5,000 to 6,500 kelvin range, which may look blue to you initially if you’re not used to them.  But in reality, bulbs in that range mimic natural sunlight, especially if you purchase a decent LED light bulb.  Compact fluorescents, by the way, are generally not very good at keeping their color, and might create a strange light.  I recommend that, in addition to getting a light in the 5,000 to 6,500 kelvin range, that you also look for an LED bulb that has a CRI above 90. CRI stands for color rendering index, so anything above a 90 will look natural, and not strange. I personally use the Hyperikon wide flood and Hyperikon standard base bulbs. Finally, make sure that your seating is comfortable.  Find something that is comfortable for you, whether that is a chair or a standing desk.

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Distraction #3: Organization

Your study space should be uncluttered, and it should be clean before starting the next day.  This will help you focus on studying, and not the mess around you. Also, make sure your study materials are all nearby.  You don’t want to keep getting up and down to go get something you need. Also, get rid of anything in the study space that might distract you, like novels, magazines, and pictures that cause your mind to wander.

What to Bring

Bring a large drink so you don’t have to keep getting up.  If you are going to snack, bring your snacks with you. Keep a small notepad on your desk to write down distractions.  For example, if during your study time you realize that you forgot to pay a bill, write it down and deal with it after your study time.


Finally, think about moving your study space from time to time.  Scientific studies have shown that our brains work better when we are in new environments and do things differently.  To help my brain, I avoid driving the same way all the time, instead varying my path to keep the neural connectors working better.  For you that might mean studying at different coffee shops, or at least at different tables in the coffee shop.  In the library, move around—don’t always go to the same table.


Make sure to take regular breaks. The brain is not designed to work without some rest, so build that into the routine. At some point, you may hit a mental roadblock and need to do something to break the mental roadblock.

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