Overcome Mental Roadblocks When You Can’t Study Any Longer

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Have you ever encountered mental roadblocks?  We’ve all reached the point where we just can’t study any longer because we have been studying too long.  Some people just keep reading, even though their brain stopped working hours before. Our brains were not designed to run marathons, so they need regular breaks. Also, regular sleep is important to keep your brain operating at peak efficiency.

Mental Reboot

When you hit mental roadblocks, you need a mental reboot. So just stop what you are doing and go do something else for a couple of hours.  Make sure that whatever you do is completely unrelated to what you’ve been studying.  For many that might be going to the movies or out for some exercise. If you go out with friends, try to avoid talking about the law. The key is to think about anything except what you were studying, which will allow your brain to recharge and prepare you for studying when you return.  When you complete your two hours away from studying you will find that you can continue studying.

Most of the time when your brain is tired, a small break will do. But when the small break doesn’t work you need to reboot your brain.  You do this by engaging in an activity where you completely forget about the law for a couple of hours, which allows you to return later and begin refreshed.


For example, go watch a movie at the theater and enjoy a soda and popcorn. If you like to exercise, go to the gym for a few hours–your brain will benefit from exercise.  For some, get a good night’s sleep, maybe 10 to 12 hours. Go hang out with your friends for awhile and enjoy some pizza with them.  The key is to do something, anything, that will get you to stop thinking about the law for a few hours.  Once you reset your brain, then you will be ready to start learning again.

Artificial Stimulants

By the way, you should not take stimulants to try to keep you going. Drinking coffee, soda, and energy drinks may work for short periods of time, but when you are at a complete roadblock all that will happen is that you will become more mentally exhausted.  You may make some miniscule gains, but soon you will be back to where you were:  tired and unable to learn.

By the way, if you think your real issue is procrastination, you might want to learn how to fight procrastination.

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Overcome Mental Roadblocks