The Rule Dump: #1 Law School Exam Mistake

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The rule dump is the number one mistake students make on their law school exams. This is when the student throws out as much information from the course that they can remember, hoping that some of it will stick. Usually the rule dump, also called a brain dump, occurs all on the first page of the essay. Let me explain why professors hate it and why it is hurting your grade. College Exams In college, the best grades go to student answers that have lots of information.  This is because most college professors test students on knowledge retention. In other words, if...

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Law School Exam Myth: Art and Science

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So you get back your first law school exam and you did not do as well as you were hoping. You go to the professor and ask what you could do to improve on the final exam. At some point during your meeting with the professor, he or she says that exam writing is part art and part science. Even I used to say garbage like that when I was a new professor. What the professor is really telling you is that you really can’t improve and there is really nothing that he or she can do to help you....

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Steps to Take After a Law School Final Exam: Part 1

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Part of being a successful person is to learn from your mistakes and to take steps on improving. Unless you got the highest grade on an exam, you should find out how you could have done better. This means going to your professor and asking for advice on how you could have done better on your law school essay exam....

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Law School Exam Grading: How Law Professors Grade Exams

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Law school exam grading is one of the least transparent aspects of the law school experience. A student takes an exam and then weeks or months later gets a grade. But most students will never know why they received a particular grade, and almost certainly will never receive feedback on what they can do to improve....

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