Specifics of international private law.

Are you tired of not knowing why you received the grade you did on an Student with law school study aids on a desk, looking worried about her law school exams.essay exam? Are you frustrated with the lack of feedback after you get your grades? If your professor lets you see the grading sheet, what you normally see is something like this: 3 out of 4 points for issue #1. The professor then tells you to work a bit harder next time. That kind of feedback is useless as it doesn’t tell you what you could have done differently to get all the points for that issue.


Grading System

Learn Law Better is offering you a grading system that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses on a typical law school or bar exam essay exam. Based on educational scientific studies, we have developed a grading system that separates your essay grade into four components: Issue Spotting/Rule Accuracy, Analysis, Organization, and Writing Conventions. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can then focus your attention on that aspect of your writing that needs the most improvement. Here is a sample first page from the individualized report that you can receive from Learn Law Better.

Exam Report

We have created essay exams that you can take, we will grade, and where you will receive a detailed report on your performance. Not only will you know how you did overall, but the multi-page report will provide you with:

  • All issues on the exam
  • precise rule statements as they should have appeared on your answer
  • All the relevant facts that should have been included
  • Logical inferences and conclusions that should have been made
  • Your performance on each of the four components for each issue

But we don’t stop there. You will receive a plan that will walk you through your exam and help you understand what you failed to do and what you need to do to improve. This is called reflective learning, where you will learn to see the patterns behind an exam. Once you master this skill your exam performance can improve significantly. Because we want you to see the patterns on the exam you will not receive detailed comments from us. But you will receive all the tools you need to self-diagnose your exam. If you follow this method, which is time consuming, you will see exam patterns on your next exam–that is when you will see improvement in your grades.

Check out our exam bank page for exams that you can take right now. If you have completed an exam and are ready to purchase click the button below.

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