Steps to Take After a Law School Final Exam: Part 1

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Steps to Take After a Law School Final Exam: Part 1

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Have you met with your professor to discuss your law school final exam?  Part of being a successful person is to learn from your mistakes and to take steps on improving. Unless you got the highest grade on an exam, you should find out how you could have done better. This means going to your professor and asking for advice on how you could have done better on your law school essay exam.Professor meeting with students to discuss law school final exam

Another reason to ask to see your exam and meet with your professor is in case the professor made any errors. At almost every law school professors cannot change grades for errors in their judgment, such as failing to award 10 points instead of 8 points. But there are times when the professor made a simple math mistake or just wrote down the wrong number in the computer–this is more common than you might think.

Many students fail to seek meetings with their professors because they erroneously believe that they just did not “get” the material. That may be true occasionally, but in most cases law students have not mastered the art of writing a law school exam. So go and talk to your professor and find out what you did wrong so that you can learn, and then improve.

Without feedback from the person that graded your law school final exam, you won’t really know what you did wrong. Keep in mind that a few professors may refuse to meet with you, believing it is a waste of their time. You never want to come across as belligerent. Assure the professor that your sole motivation for a meeting is to discuss strategies for improving, either in one of their other classes or in essay writing in general. With or without that feedback, you may get to the point that you need help from professionals on law school exams.

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