How to Take Notes in Law School

Law students in classroom taking notes

How to take notes in law school isn’t difficult, if you use the Cornell notetaking method. Developed at Cornell University over 50 years ago, it has been used by people around the world to better organize their thoughts. Once class is over, you will have a better way to find what you covered in class, and to connect ideas covered in previous sessions. Handwrite or Type Notes This has become an issue because many students wanting to take notes in law school on their computers during class. While it is possible to use this method on a computer, the preferred method for...

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Cold Calling Survival Tips

Scared woman at being cold called in class

Cold calling is a technique used by professors to randomly call on students during class and ask them questions about the assigned reading. Though fear is not the best motivator, it does remain an effective tool in the teacher’s arsenal. Questions can deal with assigned cases, including the facts, procedure, policy, law, or the dissenting opinions. Professors also might ask hypothetical questions, forcing you to apply new facts to the law you are learning.  Here is an article on the pros and cons of cold calling. Reasons for Cold Calling There are several rationales for cold calling. First is the rarely used...

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Law School Notes

Man in blue suit.

Are you wondering how to take law school notes? If you are not a genius, like Mike from Suits, you will need to learn how to take notes during a classroom discussion. Many students fall into the trap of thinking they need to write down every word said during a class. This is a mistake! The key is engagement, rather than mindlessly copying everything you hear in class.  Additionally, copying everything you hear stimulates the wrong part of the brain, as I discuss in Handwrite or Type Notes, and which is also discussed in the scientific study "The Pen is Mightier than...

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