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Specifics of international private law.
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The following law school exam bank was created to help you prepare for finals and the bar exam. Plan on taking these exams under exam conditions and complete them in 30 minutes. Essay exam improvement is rarely connected to the content of the course. This is because most law students don’t know HOW to write like lawyers, faculty members, or bar examiners.


The way to improve is by taking any essay in this exam bank, regardless of the content. Keep in mind that you are working on improving your writing skills, not the substantive area of Torts, Contracts, or some other topic. Actually, you are better off taking an exam in an area that you know well so you can focus on improving your technical writing. Once you master law school essay writing you will see an improvement in all your classes that require law school essay exams. In other words, essay writing is a separate skill from knowledge retention. Many students know Torts, Contracts, and Property, but the reason they don’t get better grades is because they don’t know how to communicate what they know. Don’t forget to use the IRAC formatting method when writing essays in the law school essay exam bank.


We will continue to add new exams to our website, but if you feel that there is a topic we need to add please send your recommendation to us at admin@learnlawbetter.com

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You can download any essay exam below for free–no commitment or information required. Hit the link, save it to your computer, and take the exam whenever you want. The only time we will charge you or ask for your contact information is when you come back to us and submit your answer for grading.


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