Specifics of international private law.

One great way to learn the law is to listen to an audio study aid during your commute to school, while exercising, or when you have any down time. Learning the law is a full time job and this means not wasting any time. You must keep reinforcing the law you studied or you will forget it by the time you get to exam day–if you don’t reinforce knowledge within 48 hours of first studying it, most of it will be forgotten and you will have to spend lots of time relearning it for the exam.

This series is designed so that no topic is longer than about five minutes. This approach will allow you to quickly find the rules you are looking for, which is a huge improvement over other series where you have to search through an hour long lecture to find what you want to listen to. You can find the series on Amazon, iTunes, or your other favorite mp3 download site

A law student listening to an audio and drinking juice.

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